We’re a couple of weeks into spring now, and bugs are starting to be on the minds of some people. But with the coronavirus pandemic, many are wary of allowing people in their homes.

Pest control services are considered essential during this pandemic and many companies are taking extra precautions when entering homes. Protective Thermal Solutions is doing just that by adding extra gear to their everyday uniform like masks and gloves. Owner of the company, Wayne Shields said it’s important to keep his workers safe during this time.

“If I don’t keep my guys safe and healthy, then they could possibly give it to someone else and we don’t want that either. We don’t want to be the cause. We want to be a solution to the problem, not an instigator to the issue,” Shields said.

Protective Thermal Solutions are only focusing on emergency pest control right now, bed bugs, and cockroaches. 614-312-5770 call us.