There have been several reported cases of celebrities dealing with bed bug infestations in their homes, but most individuals do not publicly announce such incidents. Some celebrities who have reported bed bug infestations include:

  1. Howard Stern
  2. Mariah Carey
  3. Bill Gates
  4. Lindsay Lohan
  5. Kate Beckinsale
  6. Diane Keaton
  7. Alec Baldwin
  8. Matthew Perry
  9. Vanessa Hudgens
  10. Nate Fisher

Howard Stern is the first celebrity to publicly admit to being the victim of the bedbug epidemic, as the office building he shares with other celebrities has been infested. INSIDE EDITION has the story. The bedbug epidemic has its first known celebrity victim—Howard Stern!

It’s important to note that bed bugs do not discriminate and can infest the homes of anyone, regardless of their social status or wealth. Bed bugs are a common pest and can be found in any type of living environment.